More security steps to secure your Facebook profile

I thought I have secured my Facebook profile by doing the following steps, but I was wrong.

1. Change “Privacy Settings“.
2. Turn on “Account Security”.

As mention above, I have lock down my “Privacy Settings” to friends only list and changed “Account Security”. I think this is not enough.

Some times you add people to your Facebook because you met them once, got a Facebook friend invitation from them and you do not want to be rude by not accepting them. You are also not comfortable sharing your family photo album or wall messages with them. What do you do?

Your ‘Once met and do not trust’ friends in Facebook can also share your photo albums in their wall, which will give access to all their friends. You may not know your friend’s friend or you may not want to share your family album. What do you do?

In short, create a new list under friends, add only people you trust, go to various “Privacy Settings” and give access to only the new list you created.

See the detail steps below,
1. Login to Facebook.
2. Go to Account/Edit Friends and click on the “Create List” button.
3. Add all the people you trust in that list.
4. Go to Privacy Setting/Customize Settings. Click on drop down box and select ‘custom’.
5. “Custom Privacy” dialogue box will appear. Under ‘These people’ drop down box select ‘Specific People’.
6. In the text box below type the name of the new custom trusted friend list you created.
7. Start step 4 again for different privacy settings e.g. Album, website, applications, bock list etc.

Now, if you boss send you a Facebook friend request you can accept without hesitation and not add him/her to your custom friend list. Your boss will only see things which the default Facebook friend list has access to.

Facebook help Centre


Diganta Kumar has architected and developed software for more than a decade for a wide range of industries and development platforms and over the years has filled many roles including program manager, founder, developer, architect, team lead, mentor and project manager. Diganta is founder of two online IT businesses. He is a certified AWS Solutions Architect, certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM I), certified Professional Scrum Developer (PSD I) and ITIL Certified. He has presented at Microsoft Tech.Ed, Microsoft AppFest and Ark Group Intranet conference. He attends AWS Seattle Official Events, Seattle AWS Architects-Engineers, and AWS Cloud Commerce user groups. He likes to help, mentor and manage software development teams to improve and produce great software. He currently work as a Senior Technical Program Manager for Amazon Web Services.

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