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Changing a Site Collection URL SharePoint 2007

1. Backup the content database. 2. Backup the snap if its a virtual machine. 3. Lock the site. Do not restart the web server after locking site. If you restart the server the site will be locked for everybody. You

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SharePoint 2007 Accessibility Tools 1. Install FireFox and the following addons HTML Validator – CSS Validator – Web Accessibility Tester – What Doctype to use? MOSS Accessibility Kit Accessibility Whitepapers Also register and download AKS

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How to add different PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField in the same page layout?

1. Find the ‘content type name’ of the page layout. 2. In the browser, do one of the following: – From any team site, on the Site Actions menu, click Site Settings. – From any portal area, click Site Actions,

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